A Time for Us CD by Armand and Angelina

The A Time for Us CD by Armand and Angelina is best summarized by the following: In the beginning God created Classical music... Then man discovered Rock-n-Roll. And now the ultimate hu-man experience... World Popera.

This CD combines Armand's Pop/Rock voice and songwriting with Angelina's Classical and angelic vocals. High end production, mastering and world class studio musicians have created a masterpiece that showcases the best of A and A's 50 years combined musical experience.


Armand-musical minister, singer/songwriter, native flautist and Angelina classically trained vocalist and classical guitarist travel across the country sharing their World P'opera Overture, a fusion of classical,popular and world influences. The tour is called "A Time For Us" and its purpose is to "remind of us our oneness and help the world experience "heaven on earth".

You're sure to see Armand in mismatched shoes and a variety of FUNominal hats, which are symbols of his lighthearted approach to Spirit based on love and joy, rather than fear and dogma. He is a master at presenting the humorous side of life, and also writes thought provoking material about his spiritual journey on this planet. Without restraint, he shares who he is and lifts the audience with his inexhaustible energy.

Gifted with the most angelic voice of our time, Angelina is often compared to Sarah Brightman and Charlotte Church. Her music will penetrate your heart with its enchanting beauty as she sings and chants her spirit-affirming lyrics and melodies.

Their complementary styles and passionate love for each other have inspired them to bring their music and messages to Spiritual Centers, conferences and theatres, spreading their vision of personal and spiritual transformation in their own delightful way.

Track List:
1. Into the Heart of Me
2. A Time For Us - Prelude
3. A Time For Us 4. Ave Maria
5. Wash the Tears Away
6. O Sole Mio
7. Let Down Your Guard
8. Fur Elise
9. O Mio Babbino Caro
10. Land of Plenty
11. Strings of a Lute
12. Finally Found Someone
13. All I Ask of You
14. Ode to Gratitude

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