Chainmail Leggings - Alternating Dome Riveted Flat Rings - Mild Steel

Our Chainmail Leggings - Alternating Dome Riveted Construction - Mild Steel Riveted Flat Rings and Solid Flat Rings are Mail protection for the full lower leg and the front of the thigh. Chainmail leg armour was also known in the middle ages as maille chausses.

Our mail leggings are designed to hang from a waist belt with large mail hoops to attach to a belt. The mail leggings include a flap of mail to cover the tops of the feet. With your mail shirt worn over the leggings, much of the back of the thigh is covered. Hand crafted from Natural High Mild Steel flat chainmail rings in the European 4 in 1 mail pattern. The chainmail rings have a 9mm inner diameter and are made with 17 gauge Mild Steel. Available in Medium/Large (overall length 50 inches,) Sold in Pairs.

* Construction: Dome Riveted and Solid Rings.
* Ring Type: Flat Wire
* Steel: 17ga. Mild Steel
* Finish: Natural Steel (Will Rust)
* Internal Ring Diameter: 9mm
* Medium / Large
* Overall Length: 50 inches
* Length from Belt Loop to Ankle: 41 inches
* Weight: 6 lb 2 oz

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