Chaosagram Pendant

Independently, the Chaos Star and the Pentagram are both exceptional and powerful symbols, each with their own meaning. Together, though, they become so much more, making this Chaosagram Pendant a great personal emblem. On its own, the pentagram is largely representative of the spirit and the other side, where ethereal beings enjoy greater power. The Chaos Star symbolizes chaos and disorder at its strongest. Together, they fuse into a single potent symbol that indicates a belief in the presiding power of chaos over the spirit, giving it the ability to self-determine its own independence. The symbol is a perfect fusion of the two, possessing all the arrows of the Chaos Star pointing out in each direction, while also featuring the inner lines of a traditional pentagram, traced and enameled in black to bring them to greater significance. The pendant is made from fine English pewter and is connected to a chain that makes wearing it simple and easy. Casual and classy, the Chaosagram Pendant is a fine adornment for guys and girls to wear on any given day, as it pairs perfectly with contemporary styles, making it a great seal to wear if you, too, are a free spirit who determines their own fate.

Key Features:
Made from Fine English Pewter
Features a Rich Gothic Style
Fuses the Chaos Star with a Pentagram
Adorned with Black Enameling
A Great Gift or Fashion Accessory

Chain Length: 21 Inches
Width 1.5 Inches
Height 1.5 Inches
Depth 0.28 Inches

Medieval, Gothic or Renaissance Pewter Items
Our products are research, conceived and designed in England. They are made by highly skilled hand craftsmen in England. The Metal used in the manufacture of all of our pewter products is the highest grade, 92% tin alloy, better known as "English Pewter". Pewter like silver, may tarnish, but can easily be polished up to a brilliant lustrous shine, using a brass or silver polishing pad and a wipe with a dry cloth. Do NOT put pewter into a salt water dishwasher, which could corrode a polished surface. If taken care of properly, you should have years of wear for any Gothic, Medieval, Renaissance Romantic Dinner Party or a Great touch to your bedroom for a romantic evening. Great gift idea for any Birthday, Graduation, Anniversary, Weddings, Baby Showers, Girl's Night Out, Sweet Sixteen or any party occasion.

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