7 Chakra Wooden Cupboard

Our 7 Chakra Wooden Cupboard depicts an image of a man sitting within the lotus position and marked with the symbols of each of the seven chakras, this wooden cupboard provides a sense of serenity, where ever you place it. Measuring approximately 8.5 inches at its base, it gently tapers inward to frame the picture on its front facing and create a pyramid of sorts, narrowing to 4 inches wide at its top, not including the lip that extends out decoratively. On each of its side as well as its top, it also portrays the Om symbol; a timeless symbol of serenity and oneness with divinity.

Lift the latches that hold it closed and pull the bottom-hinging door down to reveal seven shelves, one for each chakra, providing you with storage space ideal for ritual tools and components; each shelf can aid you in charging your ritual tools with energy corresponding to the chakra it represents! This makes it both a handy way to keep things tidy as well as a useful tool in its own right upon the altar. The whole cupboard measures approximately 11 1/4" high and 5 1/2" deep, and is colored with a rich, dark stain that brings out the grain of its wood.

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