1912 British Cavalry Sword

The British 1912 Cavalry Sword, an officer's pattern, was introduced which mirrored that carried by the troopers. The 1912 Pattern cavalry officer's sword is the same form as the 1908 trooper's version, but more decorative. The sword blade, plain for troopers, was usually engraved or etched (although during World War I expediency sometimes led to a plain blade being fitted to the officer's swords). The grip is the same form bound with German-silver wire. The pommel, plain on the trooper's version, was chequered and decorated.

The front of the 1912 sword guard, has an engraved floral pattern, mimicking the honeysuckle pattern which was common on officer's swords throughout the 19th Century.

Our British 1912 Cavalry Sword blade is single edged and fullered for 3 quarters of it's length, the tip is diamond sectioned and double edged! The scabbard is steel.

Blade 36" Overall Length 42"


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