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Robert the Bruce Bascinet  - Helmet
Royal Bascinet reproduced from the one worn by King Robert the Bruce as seen on his commemorative bronze statue at Bannockburn battle site. 18 gauge steel, topped with a riveted crown of intricate brass. A butted mail aventail with a leather band is included.
Adventurer’s Boots -Black or Brown
These dashing, faux leather Adventurer’s Boots have a lace-up configuration using seven metal side buttons. Nearly knee high, these Renaissance shoes sport a soft rubber sole and heel. Available in black with brown piping or brown with tan piping in men's sizes.
Danish Axe Head,Viking Danish Axe Head,Blunted Viking Axe,Danish Axe Head,Danish Axe,Viking Axe Head,Axe,reenactment Axe,stage combat Axe,wooden haft,axe head,axehead,axe wedges
This Danish Axe Head is designed for reenactment and stage combat. It is ready to be mounted onto your own wooden haft and the socket is approximately 1 ¼’’ x 1’’ in diameter.
Viking Gotland Axe Head - Blunted,Viking Gotland Axe Head,Blunted Viking Axe,Viking Gotland Axe Head,Gotland Axe Head,Viking Axe Head,Gotland Axe,reenactment Axe,stage combat Axe,wooden haft,axe head,axehead,axe wedges
This Viking Gotland Axe Head is designed for reenactment and stage combat. It is ready to be mounted onto your own wooden haft and the socket is approximately 1 1/2’’ x 7/8’’ in diameter.
Benzoin Powder Incense - 1 Pound
Our Benzoin Powder Incense provides a lovely scent that many adore and compare to the aroma of vanilla. This makes it a pleasant incense in your charcoal burners to add to the atmosphere of your home or business.
Medieval Crossbow War Bolt
Crossbow War Bolt has a bodkin-tipped arrowhead of steel. The shaft is wood and the fletching is made from leather.
The Culloden Scottish Targe
Our Functional Culloden Scottish Targe is made with wood, and overlaid in genuine leather; It is accented with numerous brass studs. The suede-covered back of the shield is finished with a thick leather arm strap and hand grip.
Scale Armor Skirt - 20 Gauge Steel,Scale Armor Skirt,Steel Scales,scale Armor,Scale Armour,Skirt,wearable armor Skirt,Thigh armor,Medieval Scale Skirt,Scale Armor Legs,Warrior Skirt,LARP warrior skirt
This scale armor skirt has 20 gauge armor scales which are riveted to a backing of leather. A thick leather belt allows the armor to be easily fitted to the waist and adjusted to fit with its steel buckle.
Miniature America Liberty Letter Opener
Our Miniature America Liberty Letter Opener is made by Marto of Toledo Spain, created in memory of the 9/11 Twin Towers disaster and terrorist attacks of September 11th, 2001.
Three Point Sword Hanger - Black
This three point sword - scabbard hanger is made from tough 7-8 oz leather with riveted construction and its adjustable scabbard loops and hangers allow for a wide variety of adjustment to both the hanging height and angle of your sword scabbard.
Leather Bazubands - Bracers with Elbow Protection - Brown
These leather bracers (Bazubands) with elbow protection are constructed from durable and thick 11-12 oz leather. Thick leather cord laces them into form and fits them onto the forearms.
Leather Mitten Gauntlets - LARP Grade
These fully articulated leather mitten gauntlets are styled from armor of about 1450. Made from 10-11 oz leather plates, they include internal leather straps and come with articulated thumb plates. Ties at cuff.
Scottish Thistle Pocket Watch
This beautiful pewter thistle pocket watch is undoubtedly one of the most extra special items that we produce, and makes a wonderful and unusual gift to mark the most special of special occasions. Includes chain with waistcoat clip.
Celtic Knot Silver Compass Pendant
Meticulously crafted from fine sterling silver, the Celtic Knots Silver Compass Pendant is inspired with a Celtic twist, and makes the perfect gift for any sailing enthusiast.
Pompeii Gladius Sword - Bone Grip,Roman Pompeii Gladius Sword - Bone Grip
This Roman Pompeii style Gladius has a blade crafted of high carbon steel; the hilt has a grip of carved bone and its pommel and guard are of wood. The inset guard plate is brass, as is the pommel nut.
City Limits Suede Cap - Black,City Limits Suede Cap,Black Suede cap,Leather Cap,black suede,leather,Suede baseball cap
This suede leather cap style designed by Ruby Roxanne features a subtle yet powerful hatband riveted in place with a metallic pearl button.
Shikoto Nodachi Sword
Shikoto Nodachi Sword with T10 High-Speed Tool Steel blade and full tang. Hammer-forged and clay tempered blade with visible hamon line. The tsuba and handle fittings are of solid iron and the wooden handle has traditional cord wrapping over genuine, tea-dyed rayskin.
Medieval Round Shield - Steel Cross,Medieval Round Shield,Steel Cross Shield,Dark Ages Shield,Medieval Wooden Shield,Round Shield,Wooden Shield
This Dark Age / Early Medieval Round Shield is constructed from wood and reinforced with riveted bands of steel and a central shield boss of steel.
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