Sport Combat Bascinet - 16 Gauge Stainless Steel
Ths Sport Combat Bascinet is constructed from 16 gauge stainless steel. The visor is articulated and can be raised. The interior of the helmet is blackened and unlined and has plenty of room to install your own padding.
Thraex Gladiator Mosaic Helmet -18 Gauge,Gladiator Thraex Helm - 18 Gauge Brass
Our Thraex Gladiator Helmet is crafted from 18 gauge brass - its two-part mask can be fastened with a slotted key pin, or removed entirely if desired. The interior of the helmet is blackned and unlined - included is a separate padded cotton arming cap.
Viking Gjermundbu Helmet,Gjermundbu Spectacle Helm,Gjermundbu,Spectacle Helm,Gjermundbu Viking Helmet,Gjermundbu Helmet,Viking Helmet
This version of Viking Gjermundbu helm is crafted from riveted 14 gauge steel plates; the aventail is butted steel chainmail. The helm is fully lined with leather and even the ocular plate has a backing of leather. The helm has an adjustable leather suspension liner and an adjustable chin strap of leather with a brass buckle.
Viking Spectacle Helmet Large Size 1.5mm Thick Carbon Steel,Viking Spectacle Helmet Large Size 16 gauge Thick Carbon Steel
The Viking Spectacle Helmet is a variation of the Viking Spangenhelm and is named for the eyepieces formed with the nasal. This is one of the sturdiest Viking helmets. It is made from 1.5mm thick carbon steel (16 gauge).
War of the Roses Archer Sallet Helmet - 16 Gauge,15th Century Sallet Helm
The War of the Roses Archer Sallet Helmet makes an excellent reenactment or dress helmet. Constructed from 16 gauge steel.
Hand Forged Flint Striker,Hand Forged traditional Striker,Medieval Flint Strikers
Now made from old files, these well tempered, Hand Forged Traditional Fling Strikers (with curl) are guaranteed to spark a fire!
Coconut Be-Bop Hat,classic pork pie hat
This Coconut Be-Bop Hat is made in the USA. It features a 1 3/4'' brim with a retro black gros-grain band in a classic pork pie style.
Huberd's Shoe Grease
Huberd's Shoe Grease is the original beeswax treatment known for its superior ability to waterproof and preserve leather. Huberd's Shoe Grease remains apart in it's unique effectiveness to renew leather and extend the comfort and life of boots, shoes, and all fine leather.
Birka Nordic Viking Sword with Damascus Blade,Birka Nordic Viking Sword,Damascus Viking Sword
Modeled after historical examples from the Birka Viking site in Sweden, this Viking sword has a blade forged from damascus steel. The crossguard and pommel are steel and the wooden grip is wrapped in leather cord.
Pentagram & Celtic Cross Altar Cupboard
This altar cupboard displays a Celtic cross with an interwoven pentagram at each corner of the cross. Two shelves. Metal is distressed oxidized.
Wooden Pentagram Herb Cupboard,Wooden Pentagram Cupboard
This herbal storage box is an absolute delight, with multiple storage compartments and the intricately engraved images of a pentagram. Has drawer and cupboard with door, no shelf, hinged top.
Roman Helmet Plume Red - Wooden Base,Roman Helmet Plume Red
Our Roman Helmet Plume or Crest is designed to fit most of our 'AH-' Roman Helmets. Dyed red, this Roman Plume comes with a wood base and leather ties to attach to your Roman Helmet (sold separately).
Bronze Hilt Viking Sword with Damascus Blade,Bronze Hilt Viking Sword - Scabbard
This Viking Sword has a blade crafted from damascus steel; the hilt is cast from brass and the pommel features the traditional two-part construction by which the sword tang is fitted to the lower half of the pommel and fitted over with a cap which is then dual-riveted into position.
Twisted Hilt Medieval Knife
This Medieval Knife is hand forged from high carbon steel -the long tang is twisted to double as a grip.
The Bannockburn Sword
This high carbon steel Scottish sword has double fullers, sloped cross guard and solid brass fittings with an antique finish. The wooden handle has been covered in soft, black leather. Includes a sword belt with black leather scabbard.
Deluxe Gold-Inlay Seax of Beagnoth - Limited Edition,Seax of Beagnoth Viking Knife
The Limited Edition Deluxe Seax of Beagnoth is a battle-ready replica of the famous Thames Scramasax which has been embellished with 18k gold-inlaid runes and geometric design. It is idealized for display with a Wood and Brass wall-mount. Limited run of 250.
Viking Thane’s Pouch
Everyone, be he noble or peasant, needed a pouch to carry their worldly treasures while traveling. This gorgeous leather and suede pouch will hold your possessions.
Lady Pirate Hat
With our Lady Pirate Hat (Adult) you can top off the look of your sassy buccaneer look with this hat which features a black bow and intricate trim along the brim.
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