Chalices, Vases and Jars

Chalices, Vases and Jars
Commonly used within ritual magic, the Chalice is frequently viewed as a tool that represents the Feminine Divine, and through ritual is sometimes used in symbolic representations of creation and fertility. The chalice is sometimes also used in ritual offering and other such aspects of ceremonial magic.

Gothic Cross Silver Chalice 45-RC378

Gothic Cross Silver Chalice 45-RC378
Our Gothic Cross Silver Chalice is an intricately patterned chalice is perfectly suited for your magickal ritual and study.
Price: $47.95


Spittoon 801860
This all-brass spittoon is just what you need to carry out that western theme. It might even be fun having your friends and neighbors try to figure out what it’s for. In the late 19th century United States, spittoons became a very common feature of pubs, brothels, saloons, hotels.
Price: $49.95
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