Kid's Medieval and Renaissance Shirts

Kid's Medieval and Renaissance Clothes, Shirts.
Children's Medieval and Renaissance Shirts

Children's Renaissance Shirt TT7-002

Children's Renaissance Shirt TT7-002
The Children's Renaissance Shirt is similar to our adult Classic Renaissance shirts.
Price: $49.00

Child's Classic Renaissance Shirt

Child's Classic Renaissance Shirt VL-CCREN
The Child's Classic Renaissance Shirt is made of 100% cotton which is soft next to the touch. We love this rainbow of colors! Full sleeves, tuxedo collar, and tie at the wrists and collar.
Price: $50.00

Child's Crop Top

Child's Crop Top VL-CCTOP
Our Child's Crop Top is made of cotton, ten colors to Choose from, and is cooler than a traditional chemise for your young faire-goer.
Price: $29.00

Childs Renaissance Shirt PG-51

Childs Renaissance Shirt PG-51
Our Childs Renaissance Shirt matches our Grown Up Renaissance Swordsman's Shirt. Available in Many colors.
Price: $52.00

Child's Sailors Vest VL-CSV

Child's Sailors Vest VL-CSV
Our Child's Sailor's vest will make your little sailor or nobleman, depending on what you pair it with. Burgundy, hunter green, or navy.
Price: $45.00

Edison Knickers for Children

Edison Knickers for Children 101590
Our period Kids Edison Knickers for Children are designed to fit youths, crafted in a chocolate brown corduroy. These boys knee pants have a back button for a good waistline fit and elastic at the bottom of the legs to keep the pants looking sharp.
Price: $49.00

Edison Vest for Children

Edison Vest for Children 101588
Designed for youth, this unique double-breasted vest is a real show-stopping addition to any outfit. The front of our Kids Edison Vest is made of gorgeous twill material, while the sides and back are of a matching brown wool. A Nehru type collar fits around the neck, and bucked belt appears in the back, making this a really smart piece.
Price: $69.00

Girl's Pirate Shirt

Girl's Pirate Shirt 22-C1263
Made from soft rayon, this Girl's Pirate Shirt is perfect Renaissance and pirate looks for your little one. Elasticized shoulder and cuff. Perfect for pairing with bodices and skirts.
Price: $39.95

Kid's Captain Enrique Brower Shirt

Kid's Pirate  Shirt
This Kid's Captain Enrique Brower Shirt is made from 100% cotton with full sleeves. Perfect for smaller pirates.
Price: $39.95

Kid's Captain Enrique Shirt with Half Sleeves

Kid's Pirate  Shirt
This Kid's Captain Enrique Shirt with Half Sleeves is made from 100% cotton. Perfect for smaller pirates.
Price: $37.95

Kid's Captain Kennit Shirt

Kid's Captain Kennit Shirt
This Kid's Captain Kennit Shirt is made from 100% cotton with ruffles at the chest and sleeves.
Price: $34.95

Kids Medieval Shirt KS-414C

Kids Medieval Shirt KS-414C
Our Kids Medieval Shirt is a 15th Century Style Medieval shirt made for Children.
Price: $43.00

Kid's Renaissance Shirt

Kids Renaissance Shirt PG-50
The length of this Kid's Renaissance Shirt makes it perfect for wearing either tucked in- or out, with a belt. Made from cotton, this shirt is lightweight, comfortable, and comes in many colors. The cuffs have ties at the wrist.
Price: $45.00

Musketeer Shirt for Children - White Cotton

Musketeer Shirt for Children - White Cotton 101575
Designed for children, this soft white Musketeer Shirt is 100% cotton with an attached pageboy collar and ruffled cuffs. Can be worn with our Musketeer tabard or just about any period ensemble. Available in medium and large.
Price: $36.00

Youth Swordsman Shirt - White Cotton

Swordsman Shirt For Children 100792
The Youth Swordsman Shirt for children, can either be worn with the Youth Musketeer Tabard or on its own. This wonderful period shirt is a great addition to any young boy's period ensemble. Made from 100% white cotton, the shirt has both lace-up front and sleeves.
Price: $36.00
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