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Skirts, Blouses, Shirts and Vests for Medieval and Renaissance Wear

Alvilda Striped Skirt

Alvilda Striped Skirt
Our Alvilda Striped Skirt, in 100% Cotton, features the striped design and zig-zag hem so often seen in pirates of the silver screen. Elastic at the waist for comfortable wearing and layering.
Price: $64.95

Anne Bonny Striped Blouse

Anne Bonney Striped Blouse
Our Anne Bonny striped blouse is made of 100% cotton. The puffed sleeves can be worn on or off the shoulder, with the help of a drawstring at the neckline. 
Price: $59.95

Ashaki Skirt

Ashaki Skirt
Our Ashaki Skirt is made from rayon fabric. It has 2 overlapping, juxtaposed layers. Elastic and drawstring at waist for easy wearing.
Price: $58.95

Barbarossa Blouse

Barbossa Blouse
Our Barbarossa Blouse is made from rayon crepe fabric. It has a plunging V-shape neckline with frills around the neck and down the front. Loose-fit sleeves have a frill at wrist.
Price: $57.95

Catrain Peasant Blouse

Catrain Peasant Blouse
In the Catrain Peasant Blouse, even a poor peasant girl can't help but look enticing to a passing noble.
Price: $54.95

Child's Medieval Gathered Skirt

Child's Medieval Gathered Skirt VL-CSKIRT
The Child's Medieval Gathered Skirt are made of soft cotton that mimics the weave of linen without the expense.
Price: $39.00

Classic Peasant Blouse

Classic Blouse
Our Classic Blouse is made in a linen blend, a textured yet breathable fabric. Ruffled bell sleeves infuse medieval spirit; but the frill on the neck line, chest, and hem make it very different from the standard peasant blouse.
Price: $76.95

Cotton Medieval Peasant Blouse

Cotton Medieval Peasant Blouse 100192
Genteel one moment, come-hither the next, the Peasant Blouse can be worn either above or off the shoulders, to suit M'lady's mood.
Price: $55.00

Crop Top

Crop Top Blouse
Our Crop Top blouse is made from fine quality cotton crepe. Designed to be worn on or off the shoulder, wear it under a bodice for the perfect Faire look.
Price: $49.95

Desdemona Dual Skirt

Desdemona Dual Skirt C1221
This Desdemona Dual Skirt is designed for the fashion conscious Steampunk fanatic. The ankle-length overskirt is made from brocade fabric. It has been paired with a full-length velvet underskirt.
Price: $74.95

Dona Ana Overskirt

Dona Ana Over Skirt 101569
This lovely two-piece gown has been designed with the faire-goer in mind. This lightweight garment laces up the front with gold roping, while the back bodice has hidden elastic for a great fit. The full skirt has a false underskirt of gold brocade.
Price: $69.00

Double-Layer Medieval Skirt

Double-Layer Medieval Skirt
Our double layer Medieval skirt, in contrasting colors, gives the option to gather up the outer skirt with drawstrings (at each side). Both skirts are sewn together at the waist, where drawstring and elastic create easy, comfortable wearing.
Price: $99.95

Downshire Skirt

Downshire Skirt C1220
This Downshire Skirt is a multi-layered cotton poplin skirt, with ruffled edges and a gathered look. The elasticated waist ensures comfortable wearing.
Price: $54.95

Early Scottish Kilt

Early Kilt 26-100092
Colors and designs of the plaids used for early kilts conveyed no specific meaning until the 18th century. This kilt is available in either red and green or camel and navy plaid.
Price: $49.00

Eleanor Cotton Skirt

Eleanor Cotton Skirt
Our Eleanor Skirt is made from glazed cotton fabric. The attractive colors make it a must have for peasant and wench outfits.
Price: $72.95

Frilly Satin Skirt

Frilly Satin Skirt C1207
This Frilly Satin Skirt is made from shining white satin fabric, with 5 layers of frills covering the back side. Skirt has a lining of white satin fabric as well. Also works well as a petticoat!
Price: $54.95

Gathered Skirt VL-SKIRT

Gathered Skirt VL-SKIRT
The Gathered Skirts double set of lace holes in the back allows for adjusting the fit. Extra-high waistband is superior to elastic waistbands and helps keep chemise or partlet tucked in. Machine wash.
Price: $54.95

Grace O'Malley Skirt

Grace O'Malley Skirt
The Grace O'Malley Skirt is a simple, yet elegant crepe skirt. It has an elastic and drawstring waist.
Price: $44.95

Harem Pants VL-HPANTS

Harem Pants VL-HPANTS
Our Harem Pants are made from thick & rich cotton. Elastic Cuffs and Drawstring at waist for easy wearing. Great for men and women.
Price: $45.00

High Collared Elizabethan Blouse

High Collared Elizabethan Blouse 26-101156
This High Collared Elizabethan Blouse is made of a soft, white cotton. The triangular, open front gives just a hint of seductiveness while maintaining an air of modesty.
Price: $49.00

Ladies Privateer Coat

Ladies Privateer Coat C1360
This coat features cotton velvet at the front and cuffs with high quality metal buttons. Perfect for Pirate and Renaissance attire. Full satin lining.
Price: $79.95

Ladies Steampunk Engineer Shirt

Ladies Engineer Shirt 26-101338
This high ruffled collar ladies engineer shirt is great for a number of Steampunk functions. The soft tan cotton blend fabric and open front is capped off with an antiqued brass clockwork brass button on the collar. Order S/M or L/XL.
Price: $48.00

Lady's Ruffled Pirate Blouse - White - Small to 3X

Lady's Ruffled Pirate Blouse - White
Our Lady's Ruffled Pirate Blouse is made from 100% cotton fabric. It has a V-shape neckline with frills around the neck and down the front. Loose-fit sleeves have ruffles at the elastic wrist.
Price: $51.95

Large Renaissance Skirt Hike - Leather

Large Renaissance Skirt Hike  - Leather
Our Large Renaissance Skirt Hike is made with extra large rings to accommodate the thicker fabric used in many Renaissance gowns and wench skirts! Skirt Hikes are used to keep your skirt out of the mud and are easy to use!
Price: $9.95

Layered Bustle Skirt

Layered Bustle Skirt C1218
This Layered Bustle Skirt is made with white satin fabric and netting with a white poplin lining. Also works well as a petticoat!
Price: $69.95

Mary Read Blouse

Mary Read Shirt
Our Mary Read Blouse is made from thick rich velour fabric. It is short in front with a flowing back. Frilled eyelets in front and ruffled cuffs complete the renaissance look.
Price: $66.95

McGreedy Blouse

McGreedy Blouse
Our McGreedy Blouse is made from rayon fabric. It has a fully elasticized shoulder and cuff. The front opening has ties, which allow the top to be worn with or without fastening.
Price: $58.95

Medieval Classy Skirt DK-CSKIRT

Medieval Classy Skirt DK-CSKIRT
This Medieval Classy Skirt is a heavy cotton skirt. It is adjustable for different waist sizes and features a privacy flap that prevents any gapping in the material.
Price: $65.00

Morning Star Steampunk Blouse

Morning Star Steampunk Blouse 101558
Morning Star Steampunk Blouse is a whimsical top that works with any number of steampunk skirts. Made in a soft, tan poly with black pin striping, it has an accordion pleated trim at the collar and cuffs with double black laced edging.
Price: $79.00

Overskirt TT8-004

Overskirt TT8-004
Overskirt is made in fine quality cotton, cut on the bias to give a flirty angled hemline and gathered at waist with a drawstring.
Price: $55.00

Peace Sarong 45-WSC78PE

Peace Sarong
Our Peace Sarong displays a peace sign, surrounded by a pattern of other, smaller peace signs, all set against a colorful tie-dye background, this sarong is an absolute delight.
Price: $16.95

Peasant Blouse

Peasant Blouse 26-101148
This versatile blouse works for almost any Renaissance event. Slightly crinkled polyester fabric with an elastic neckline, this blouse also features waterfall bell sleeves trimmed in lace.
Price: $69.00

Peasant Girl Skirt 100750

Peasant Girl Skirt 100750 - Liquidation
Layered look elastic waisted black Peasant Girl Skirt. This outfit is perfect for your day at the faire. Finish off this ensemble with the rich burgundy vest with buttons.
Price: $55.00

Peplum Steampunk Overskirt

Peplum Steampunk Overskirt 101561
These cute little overskirts are a perfect addition to your Victorian or steampunk outfits. By adding one of these you can create a whole new look in minutes! Made of 100% cotton, these easily close in place with two adjustable buckles. A black satin flounce & bow detail accent the center back of the skirt.
Price: $69.00

Piccadilly Drop Point Sash

Piccadilly Drop Point Sash 101592
Our Youth Piccadilly Drop Point Sash is the perfect piece to finish almost any period look. The soft black velvet belt dips into a subtle point in the middle of the front, providing a touch of elegance to the waist. This drop point waist sash has a matching satin tie in the back, long enough to tie a perfect bow.
Price: $20.00

Piccadilly Steampunk Skirt

Piccadilly Steampunk Skirt 101559
This versatile black cotton Picadilly skirt can be worn down or pulled up with the double ruche, giving it a variety of different looks. A wide black cotton velvet band adorns the bottom, followed with a rich black satin hem. The waistline has heavy duty hook & eye and snap closures.
Price: $79.00

Queen Sized Fair Skirt 100598

Queen Sized Fair Skirt 100598
Elegant, ankle-length lightweight cotton Queen Sized Fair Skirt with elastic/drawstring waistband. Woven seeded patterned. Black cotton lined for body.
Price: $124.95

Renaissance Gauze Petticoat

Renaissance Gauze Petticoat TT-318
Designed to fit from a 20 inch waist to a 80 inch waist, one size fits all. Made of 100% cotton, these drawstring skirts are lightweight and comfortable enough to be worn everyday.
Price: $74.00

Renaissance Leather Skirt Hike

Renaissance Leather Skirt Hike
Renaissance Leather Skirt Hike, used to keep your skirt out of the mud. It has never been easier than using our Skirt Hikes! Use two in front for a too long skirt, or use one to show off a colorful petticoat or even (gasp!) a trim ankle.
Price: $8.00

Renaissance Overskirt TT-317

Renaissance Overskirt TT-317
Our Renaissance Overskirt, shown here in a pumpkin color, has a drawstring waist and is easy to wear. Overskirts can be worn with any of our medieval or Renaissance corsets or bodices and look amazing over any of our petticoats.
Price: $56.00

Renaissance Skirt KS-50

Renaissance Skirt KS-50
Washable Poly blend full Renaissance Skirt with a 120" circumference, 3" hem and 3" waistband. The waistband hooks in back with a 3" overlap to adjust for comfort.
Price: $68.00

Reversible Parlor Skirt - Steampunk Skirt

Reversible Parlor Skirt - Steampunk Skirt 101634
Ladies Reversible Parlor Skirt - Steampunk Skirt. With our reversible skirt, you get two skirts in one! One side of skirt is black cotton with two tiered, 6 inch lace ruffles at hem, reverse is a solid black taffeta skirt. Elastic waist.
Price: $109.00

Ruffled Medieval Skirt

Ruffled Medieval Skirt C1178
Made from thick rayon fabric, this ruffled medieval skirt has 5 tiers of ruffles. The elegant design will make you want to take it for a twirl.
Price: $69.95

Safari Blouse

Steampunk Safari Blouse
Our Safari Blouse is a white-on-white, raised stripe, 100% cotton women's Safari Blouse is a wonderful addition for period ensembles. The front collar has an attached ascot scarf which can be tied, or add a jeweled brooch for a more dignified look.
Price: $48.00

Sateen Skirt TT8-006

Sateen Skirt TT8-006
Cotton Sateen Skirt, made of fine quality cotton sateen, fabric has a natural sheen to add elegance. Gathered at waist with drawstring and gathered up the side with ribbon to show off a chemise.
Price: $62.00

Scottish Kilt MG-2511

Scottish Kilt MG-2511
The Scottish kilt colors and designs of the plaids used for kilts conveyed no specific meaning until the 18th C.
Price: $46.00

Short Pleated Skirt

Short Pleated Skirt 101560
Whether traversing the open plains of Africa or the mountains of Mars, this glorious pleated skirt will make a wonderful addition to your everyday wear. The soft, 100% colored cotton is light weight and features a large pleat around the bottom hem.
Price: $65.00

Skirt with Apron

Medieval Skirt with Apron
This Skirt with Apron is the perfect medieval combination! Separate apron can be tightened with lacing at the side. This duo has proven to be a comfortable and versatile choice for medieval festivals and events.
Price: $85.00

Striped Wench Skirt

Striped Wench Skirt
An elasticized waist makes this classic wench skirt easy to wear. Made from 100% cotton fabric, this comfortable skirt is the epitome of pirate style.
Price: $74.95

Swordwomans Renaissance Shirt

Swordswomans Shirt 26-100432
Designed with the female fighter in mind, this swordwoman's shirt is perfect for the woman who defies the stereotypes. Flowing sleeves and long, tapered cuffs are proportioned for a woman's wrist. The shirt is long enough to be tucked in or worn belted.
Price: $59.00

Sybbyl Cotton Blouse

Sybbyl Cotton Blouse
Long, flowing sleeves with drawstrings, ruffles to frame the bust, and the implied innocence of white cotton fabric. The perfect top for any damsel, distress not included.
Price: $54.95

Triquetra Sarong 45-WSC78TA

Triquetra Sarong 45-WSC78TA
Our Triquetra Sarong is piece intended to be worn as a sarong though it can just as easily serve as a wall hanging decorate your home.
Price: $16.95

Vampire Wide Collar Blouse VL-VBLOUSE

Vampire Wide Collar Blouse
Our Vampire Wide Collar Blouse is made of satin with a wide collar.
Price: $65.00

Wench Blouse TT-602

Wench Blouse TT-602
Be a Renaissance wench any day of the week! This cotton shirt trimmed with 2 inch Venice lace at the mid-length sleeves. Wear to work with a cute pair of jeans or a peasant skirt.
Price: $58.00

Woman's Pirate Shirt - Off White

Woman's Pirate Shirt - Off White
Woman's pirate shirt with adjustable drawstring at the neckline, has a drawstring at the cuff. Full loose fitting sleeves are associated with swashbucklers, pirates and musketeers. Medium weight cotton, these comfortable Pirate shirts are tailored for women.
Price: $28.95
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