Fencing Foils

Fencing Foils
Foils are a type of weapon used for fencing. They are the most commonly used weapon used for competition and training classes for modern fencing. Our classically styled ornate fencing foils are dry, or nonelectric, foils and include a pommel, grip, guard, and tempered steel blade. These fencing foils have blunted or foiled tips.

Stage Combat Sabre

Stage Combat Sabre SR7006
This Stage Combat Sabre is based on the military sabres of the 19th Century. These sabre fencing blades are durable enough for sports fencing and are becoming increasingly popular with historical fencers and HEMA (historical European martial arts) practitioners. Made in the UK.
Price: $99.00

Toledo Rose Fencing Foil

Toledo Rose Fencing Foil TS-167
Our Toledo Rose Fencing Foil is Tempered Steel, "Battle-Ready" and features a 19th Century Design. Length is 40.2", weight is .77 pounds.
Price: $199.00
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