Recurve Bows and Horse Bows

Recurve Bows and Horse Bows
Recurve Bows, Horse Bows and Reflex Deflex Bows

Eastern Reflex Deflex Bow

Eastern Reflex Deflex Bow SG-01001
Our Eastern Reflex Deflex Bow was designed to capture the Art of bow making and the Tradition of hunting with a traditional bow. Built for speed and performance our Eastern Reflex Deflex Bow is great for either target practice or hunting.
Price: $304.00

Genghis Recurve Bow

Genghis Recurve Bow SG-01006
Our Genghis Recurve Bow named for the Mongol khan is made from pre-stressed layered ash and fiberglass. Leather wrapped grip reinforced with ash. Great for target shooting, re-enactments or Hunting.
Price: $299.00

Yellow Osage Horse Bow

Yellow Osage Horse Bow
Standing approx 58" when strung, the Yellow Osage Horse Bow really packs a punch. Black Accent wraps and glass contrasts nicely against the "yellow" osage orange syhas, handle and limbs.
Price: $475.00
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