Functional Suits of Armour

Functional Suits of Armor
Cuirassier Half Armour, Jousting Armour, Black and White Armour and Steel Armour Stands
Medieval and Renaissance Armour

Welcome to our pages of European Arms and Armour.

Our armour has been designed to suit the needs of collectors, period re-enactors/living history groups as well as other re-enactment societies.

Each piece of armour is individually hand crafted by some of the best plattner's in Europe. They are able to study in depth original pieces from museums and private collections in Europe. Old-World craftsmanship ensures attention to detail. The bowls are dished with hammers not pressed by machines. The armour is true to the originals and is professionally made, using a minimum of modern processes.

The armour can be constructed to your preference of 14, 16 or 18-gauge steel. The armor can custom made to your measurements or choose standard off the rack armour. Each piece of armor is fully functional. This armour can be used for either Display or for SCA, Live Steel and Stage Fighting!

Shipping time is normally between 4 to 12 weeks. (Some items may take longer)

Whether you desire museum quality display pieces or battle ready jousting armour we feel confident you can find it here.

Armour of Churburg

Armour of Churburg
Our Churburg armour is fully articulated and wearable. It boasts many of the features found on the original suit.
Price: $1,999.00

Black and White Armour

Black and White Armour MD-010
This Landsknecht armour is a great example of a Black and White Armour harness.
Price: $4,254.00

Cuirassier Half Armour 17th Century

Cuirassier Half Armour 17th Century
Cuirassier Half Armour is hand crafted, historic dished steel armour. Includes rolled and roped edges. Includes Gorget, Pauldrons, Arms, Breast, Back Plate, Cuisses.
Price: $2,189.49

Duke of Burgundy Suit Of Armor

Duke of Burgundy Suit Of Armor 26-300052
The Duke of Burgundy Suit of Armor harkens from the 15th century, a bloody one for Europe. The War of the Roses, problems in the French monarchy, the constant warfare between the city states of Italy and the final expulsion of the Moors from Spain - the whole continent seethed with bloody strife.
Price: $2,496.00

Duke of Saxony Armour

Duke of Saxony Armour GH2001
Our Duke of Saxony Armour is a functional copy from an existing Renaissance Suit of Armor dating from 1550. Expertly hand crafted this historic dished steel armour includes rolled and roped edges and heavy duty leather straps.
Price: $4,500.00

Early 15th Century Milanese Armor

Early 15th Century Milanese Armor,Gothic Suit of Armor 26-300018
This full suit of Milanese armor is suitable for display - particularly for someone who wants a display armor that is much more realistic in proportion and appearance than what is commonly available on the market. The armor is constructed from plates of riveted and articulated 18 gauge steel.
Price: $1,162.46

Female Armor - Full Suit of Ladies Armor

Female Armor - Full Suit of Ladies Armor
Female Armor - Full Suit of Ladies Armor
Price: $3,492.00

Gothic Suit of Armor

Gothic Suit of Armor 26-300018
Our Gothic Suit of Armor replicates the style seen during the late 14th Century. Large sections of plate armor began to be added to mail during the middle of the 13th century. This continued until full plate armor developed sometime in the late 14th century. Two main centers for the production of armor were Germany and Italy.
Price: $2,456.00

Jousting Armour

Jousting Armour MD-011
Our Jousting Armour is a Saxony garniture and a copy from an existing harness that dates from 1590. Suited for the mounted joust or foot tourney.
Price: $5,999.00

Steel Armour Stand

Steel Armour Stand
This sturdy Steel Armour Stand is designed to display your full harness of armour. Adjustable height 3 part stand will hold most suits of armour.
Price: $210.00

Wraith Armor - Complete Suit

Wraith Armor - Complete Suit
Complete Suit of Wraith Armor made from 18 gauge steel with all leather straps and buckles. Inspired by the ring wraiths from The Lord of The Rings films, this armor will be made to your own measurements and will be adjustable.
Price: $3,350.00
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