Bath and Body Aids

Bath and Body Aids
Our Bath and Body Aids will treat your skin like it deserves with the variety of lotions, salves, and creams we offer. From salves that will chase away your aches and pains and lotions to leave your skin feeling smooth, to deodorant creams that leave you feeling fresh, we've got it here.

Air Bath Salts

Air Bath Salts 45-RBAIR5
Said to rule thought, memory, and imagination the Element of Air is a potent element that is traditionally used to help find a clear, rational answer to your problems or to otherwise inspire creative answers or outright creativity.
Price: $15.95

Earth Bath Salts

Earth Bath Salts 45-RBEAR5
Intended to bring the element of earth into your bath waters, these Earth Bath Salts are a great addition to your ritual crafts or simply a soothing way to relax and enjoy the comfort that the Element of Earth can bring into your life.
Price: $15.95

Fire Bath Salts

Fire Bath Salts 45-RBFIR5
Passionate, volatile, and sometimes erratic element, the Element of Fire can help add a little bit of zing to life.
Price: $15.95

Healing Bath Salts

Healing Bath Salts 45-RBHEA5
Utilizing a specially chosen blend of salts, herbs, and aromatic infusions our healing baths alts are a welcome addition to any bath.
Price: $15.95

Love Bath Salts

Love Bath Salts 45-RBLOV5
Created from a blend of salts, especially chosen herbs, and an aromatic infusion, our Love Bath Salts are intended to both be a divine experience within the warm waters of your bath as well as a potent aid to your ritual baths.
Price: $15.95

Persephone's Promise AromaMist

Persephone's Promise AromaMist 45-LMPER
Blending the earthy calm of autumn with the vibrancy of spring, Persephone's Promise aromamist is a mixture of especially chosen essential oils whose fragrance is intended to help invoke the goddess Persephone.
Price: $23.50

Prosperity Bath Salts

Prosperity Bath Salts 45-RBPRS5
Our Prosperity bath salts have been created using especially chosen salts and herbs and infused with aromatic oils before being charged with energy.
Price: $15.95

Protection Bath Salts 45-RBPRT5

Protection Bath Salts 45-RBPRT5
Blended of especially chosen salts, herbs, and aromatic oil and charged with energy, these bath salts are intended to be used within your ritual bath to aid you in spells of protection.
Price: $15.95

Spirit Bath Salts

Spirit Bath Salts 45-RBSPI5
Drawing a warm bath for yourself can be a rewarding experience. Our Spirit Bath Salts are intended to aid you in making it a spiritual experience as well.
Price: $15.95

Water Bath Salts

Water Bath Salts 45-RBWAT5
Intended specifically to aid you in invoking the element of water within your ritual baths, our Water bath salts have been crafted with a carefully chosen blend of salts and herbs that have been infused with an aromatic oil and charged with energy.
Price: $15.95
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