The Eagle

In Focus Features’ new historical adventure THE EAGLE™, a young Roman soldier ventures beyond the furthest frontiers of the Empire with his British slave Esca to find the long thought lost emblem of his father’s legion and restore honor to his family’s name. Just as the production strived for authenticity and accuracy in their depiction, we are bringing you screen-accurate swords and armor from this epic film.

The Eagle © Universal Studios. Licensed by Universal Studios Licensing LLC. All Rights Reserved

Centurion Gladius Roman Sword

Centurion Gladius Roman Sword 501430
This beautiful Roman Centurion Gladius comes with a hand forged, tempered high carbon steel blade. This Gladius is truly worthy of a Roman Centurion. The antiqued parts are meticulously hand finished from solid wood with metal accents to complete this regal piece.
Price: $232.95

Praetorian Guard Greaves

Praetorian Guard Greaves AH-6123
Our Praetorian Guard Greaves are designed from the greaves worn by the Praetorian Guard, who were the bodyguards of the Roman Emperor.
Price: $269.95

Roman Legion Cotton Tunic

Roman Legion Tunic 26-101525
This simple tunic is made from 100% woven cotton. The Roman tunic was very simple- two pieces of fabric were sewn together with slits left open for the head and arms.
Price: $65.00

Sword of the Rome Gladius

Sword of the Rome Gladius 501453
This Sword of the Rome Gladius has an intricate etch-work patterns dress the blade, which is of 420 stainless steel and mirror polished. Forged with Marto’s world-renown quality, the Sword of the Rome gladius is a worthy and popular addition to any sword enthusiast’s collection.
Price: $287.95
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